Gear Transmission Design/Engineering

Design/Engineering Services
• New product development
• Analysis and enhancement of existing products including noise reduction
• Determine upgrade requirements for future needs
high speed geared turbines
Carnes-Miller Gear performs mesh analysis with a focus on optimization of strength, wear, and noise.  

We have state-of-the-art inspection equipment that enables us to perform gear failure analysis and can run a digital analysis for each gear component. 
An Extension of Your Staff
Most of us have studied gears in engineering school. But having detailed knowledge to create a quiet, smooth, and efficient gear transmission requires a higher plateau of experience.

CM Gear Design Services
Carnes-Miller Gear can provide conceptual approach from the initial design stage, or analyze an existing design and develop solutions to issues.

We stay with each project from design drawings, through prototypes, and into production to insure all requirements are met. This will provide your design team with an asset that insures a successful finished product that performs well.

Reverse Engineering
Without adversely affecting the existing gearbox form factor or interface requirements, we can perform reverse engineering on your product to provide:
 • Noise Reduction
 • Tolerance Analysis to determine issues that develop within manufacturing
 • Gear train optimization
 • Increased capacity
 • Ratio modification

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