Grinding Services

Carnes-Miller Gear provides in-house grinding services to support manufacturing requirements.

Gear Grinding

        Up to 400mm in Diameter Spur and Helical Gears utilizing a Hofler Helix 400K CNC Gear Grinder:Hofler Helix 400K Gear Grinder

Cylindrical Grinding (Conventional and CNC) 

Up to 12in/300mm diameter and 40in/1000mm length

Maximum weight of the part up to 330 lbs (150kg)

We have snap-on gaging for quality control and typically can ensure quick turnaround for grind-only work.  

We also can provide straight and angular wheel plunge and traverse grinding.

Internal Grinding

Maximum diameter up to 12in/300mm
Maximum length is 6in/150mm

Our internal grinding services are well-suited to small lot sizes

Conventional Thread and Worm Grinding

conventional thread and worm grinding services, which includes multi-start capability, are well-suited for small lot runs.

Up to 12in/300mm diameter x 40in/1000mm length

Most standard English and metric threads