Raw Materials

Carnes-Miller Gear custom produces gears from a wide range of material. To reduce overhead and inventory costs, we order and receive stock just-in-time for each production run.

Ferrous Metals
8620, usually carburized and hardened
4140/4150 both annealed and pre-heat treated
1018    1020    4140    4150    4340    8620    9310    1117    1214    1141    1144    1045

Carnes-Miller Gear has utilized tool and nitriding steels:
D2    01    02    Nitralloy 135    Nitralloy 135 Mod
The tool steels are typically through-hardened and then ground
The nitriding steels are typically put through the nitrowear heat treating process

The most common stainless steels are:
300 and 400 Series    303    304    416    17-4PH

Common types of cast iron include:
Ductile    Gray    Durabar Grades

Non-Ferrous Metals
7075, typically hard anodized coated
2024    6061    7075    1000-7000 Series

Copper Alloy
CDA954 Aluminum Bronze
660 Bronze

The copper alloys tend to be used for worm gears or worm wheels, as well as some smaller metering gears.


Special Materials
If you require a special raw material, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to assess its viability for your specific requirements.